Visual control

Visual and measuring control is the main and one of the most reliable for detecting surface and through defects. Our specialists carry out visual and measuring control at a high level, approaching this task with great responsibility.

Ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic testing is the most common type of testing in all industries. The ultrasonic method is used mainly to detect internal defects and the most dangerous planar defects. Our specialists have extensive experience in ultrasonic testing.

Magnetic particle inspection

The magnetic particle method is very effective for detecting superficial or close-to-surface pores and cracks.

Radiographic control

Radiographic method of obtaining a visible image of the internal structure of a welded joint, transmitted by an ionizing method, on detectors.

Capillary control

Capillary inspection is designed to detect surface and through defects in objects of inspection that are invisible or weakly visible to the naked eye. This type of inspection allows you to diagnose objects of any size and shape. Our specialists will perform the work of YOUR object with high quality by the method of penetrating substances.

Ultrasonic thickness measurement

Ultrasonic thickness measurement is one of the most common methods of non-destructive determination of the thickness of the investigated part of technological equipment, pipelines and structures.

Flaw detection of steel ropes

Mizan Hyzmat offers services for checking steel ropes and slings using magnetic flaw detection, which allows clients to-identify areas of formation of a significant number of defects in advance and prevent destruction under load-assess the residual strength of the rope and the possibility of its further operation.

Hydraulic testing of pipelines and pressure vessels

Hydraulic testing is one of the most commonly used types of non-destructive testing, carried out to check the strength and tightness of vessels, pipelines and other equipment operating under pressure.

Installation and maintenance of refrigerators

High-quality and reliable refrigeration equipment is an important component of the effective operation of enterprises dealing with food products, the storage of which requires a special temperature regime. Due to the high importance of refrigeration units, it is important to ensure a responsible approach to their selection, installation and maintenance. Our qualified specialists carry out systematic maintenance and timely repairs.

Установка и обслуживание холодильников в Туркменистане

Ventilation and cooling system

Our company offers a full range of services in the climatic market, installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems, commissioning, service and maintenance.

Система вентиляции и охлаждения в Туркменистане

Air conditioning and heating

Our company specializes in the installation and maintenance of air conditioning and heating systems of any complexity. By contacting us, YOU will receive professional installation and service, as well as all the necessary guarantees.


"MIZAN HYZMAT" carries out installation, repair, service and verification of all existing today all types of measuring instruments, such as: Laboratory Truck and Railroad Scales. In view of the high importance of measuring instruments, it is important to ensure a responsible approach to their choice, the specialists of MIZAN HYZMAT will help with an effective solution to the issue in the selection and delivery of measuring instruments and all the necessary accessories and consumables for them. Highly qualified specialists will carry out repairs of any complexity in the shortest possible time using branded components and with a guarantee.

Лабораторные весы в Туркменистане

Concrete Mixing Plant

"MIZAN HYZMAT" carries out activities in the field of installation, commissioning and maintenance of the Concrete Mixing Plant. Huge experience and a team of qualified specialists allow us to implement projects of any complexity in the field of Concrete Batching Plant. We guarantee that YOUR request will be processed promptly and appropriately.

БСУ в Туркменистане