“Mizan hyzmat” was formed in 2007 It is a successful, stable and dynamically developing company.
“Mizan hyzmat provides a full range of services in the field of non-destructive testing diagnostic of pipes, meal, structures, vessels and pipelines working under high pressure.
Company is also provided a wide range of services in the field of fire safety, installation and maintenance of refrigerators, ventilation cooling and heating systems.
We have highly experience in the field of installation and maintenance of lifting mechanisms, equipment and measuring instruments.

Our mission is to assist Turkmen and foreign their business efficiency by using broad opportunities.
Our goal is to offer solutions and services that save customers time and money. By working with our company, you will get a reliable business partner who is ready for longterm and productive cooperation. We wish success and prosperity.
Sincerely, the team of “Mizan hyzamat”.